Due DiligenceWhile looking for potential assets and partners, it’s essential to conduct proper life sciences due diligence – investigate asset, company, market position, recent deals, strategy and financials. The research should not only look at the history of the asset/partner but also it should incorporate forward looking intent, strategy, pipeline and the strength and weakness from your point of view as well as from the lens of other key opinion leaders (KOLs).

BiopharmaVantage conducts rigorous research and due diligence. The company collectshigh quality intelligence and insights from a wide range of sources covering both primary and secondary resources. This allows one to assess competitive landscape, evaluate opportunities, assist with licensing/partnering and with organic new product planning, and help make right investment decisions.

Rigorous assessment of the competitive landscape is usually one of the key success factors. Most life sciences competitive intelligence (CI) managers and Healthcare investors benefit by an externalgroup conducting such exercises. Not only such exercises remove the internal bias in decision-making but also provide extensive and 360-degree view of the competition. Key applications are:

•Competitive landscapes
•Opportunity assessment
•Due diligence
•Investment decision support
•Primary competitive intelligence