life sciences competitive intelligence2.jpgSeeing the big picture is critical when evaluating the competitive landscape. Before considering a meeting with a potential partner, it’s essential to understand the company’s profile, market position, recent deals, and current financials. What’s more, you need to collect, collate, and analyze all the data available on their pipeline potential, strengths and weaknesses, novel mechanisms of action of the compound, patent protection, which can consume valuable time. Life sciences competitive intelligence collects these data and subjects them to a rigorous editorial process, so from one search you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and more.

•Identify companies that have promising drugs in development that compete with internal strategic interests
•Discover what targets your competitors are working on
•See which products are losing patent and exclusivity protection in a given time frame in a particular country
•Discover which companies have received funding (over a certain time period, for a certain amount)