life sciences competitive intelligence1A licensing relationship must be viewed as a strategic partnership if its full potential is to be realized. Fundamental choices made before a deal is signed may put at risk the possibility of having a successful outcome. To be successful, company leaders must master the vital art of partnering and approach prospective strategic relationships with greater discipline.

A professional should be at your service round the clock and should be flexible to meet up with you in person when you deem appropriate and convenient for you. If you have to keep reminding your IP of scheduled meetings or you keep postponing your meetings or conversations, then maybe you are not working with the best and it should be time to look for a better person to handle the process for you.

If your life sciences licensing and partnering market is in the same location as your supplier, you will not have this particular concern. However, if you happen to be sourcing from other countries or catering to overseas market, you may have to clear with the supplier whether they can keep up with the drop shipping or not. It is not enough that the goods get to the customer on time; they also need to be delivered in a timely manner. Make sure that your chosen supplier will be able to handle this.