life sciences due diligence4.pngDue Diligence is a phrase that has been traditionally used to reflect the analysis activities that occur during merger and acquisition activities. Recently the due diligence process has been extended to include the evaluation of business affiliation and partnership agreements.

Financial due diligence is best performed by an impartial third-party provider, just after the sales contract is executed. The contract usually defines a period of time during which to search and synthesize financial data; conduct and complete a comprehensive review of past statements, income and expenses; and compare those findings with the data provided by the seller. Known as the ‘financial due diligence window,’ the buyer reserves the right during this period to abandon the deal without losing any escrow money.

Finding funding on the internet to pay for life sciences due diligence, or get a loan with lower due diligence costs, is very common these days thanks to the internet. Through a quick search on the net, a prospective borrower can find thousands of websites that will give information on finding a funding company, doing a business plan and putting together support documentation. This will allow the client to determine their own credit worthiness before they do anything like pay due diligence fees.